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Translation of texts, Web pages varying in subject-matter and complexity. Output: 3-10 A4 pages a day. Price: $12 to $20 for an A4 page.

Lectures, negotiations, discussions; loud, 'wispering', 'at sight', guided excursions, all-day escort (the Urals region of Russia, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg and vicinity). Prices: $20-50/hour; all-day escort: $50-100.

Translation of films, TV and radio programs, web sites, computer games, etc. Prices are specified depending on the type of translation.

Linguistic consulting
On-line or telephone linguistic consulting (Russian, English): $25/hour; teaching Russian by correspondence; linguistic expert examination of a text (Russian, English) - $10-20 for a page.

Teaching translation
Teaching theory and practice of translation (Russian, English), interpretation (correspondence course). Price: $70/hour


General about Translatus.ru Services

The spheres to which TRANSLATUS.RU Russian translators and interpreters can apply themselves, include general knowledge, science, business and finance, law, history, culture, arts, humanities, medicine, psychology, technology, computers, automobile, construction and others. Many of us are PhDs and academics, specialising in a variety of scientific fields. TRANSLATUS.RU Russian translators hope that our knowledge of science, humanities, business, finance, polytechnical, etc. concepts and terminology will ensure top quality translations (Russian, European languages).

The translations are typed on computer, styled according to the original with the help of scanning. They can be printed out, e-mailed or telefaxed to clients abroad. Notary certification of documents can be accomplished. 



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