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TRANSLATUS.RU Russian translators offer the services of translation of texts varying in subject and complexity: English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian, Russian-German.

Translation of websites.

The output is 3-10 A4 pages a day.

Prices range from $12 to 20 for a standard A4 page with blanks (a standard A4 page contains about 1800 characters).


  1. TRANSLATUS.RU Russian translators make short 'pilot' translations of your texts FREE! Mail your text and its translation will be sent to you within a day.
  2. The average translation rate (not regarding the preparatory and finishing stages, requiring up to 2 days) is
    • English-Russian, German-Russian: half a page per hour 
    • Russian-English, Russian-German: one page per hour  
  3. For additional services, such as computer make-up of documents with pictures, graphs, etc. and scanning some extra payment may be charged. 

Quality Warranty: 

  • TRANSLATUS.RU Russian translators are experts, having high degrees in linguistics and language studies, an excellent command of English and wide practical experience in translation and interpreting. They have a good working knowledge of business, finance, science, polytechnical, etc. concepts and terminology.
  • The translation of highly specialized and complicated  texts are made with the participation of experts qualified in that particular area and English(German) native speakers.



To place an order please send us an e-mail; in the same letter export the file with your original text. Within a day you will receive the  FREE translation of the first page of your text.

 Payment may be effected by credit card, WebMoney or bank account.

The e-mail address for placing an order:  info@translatus.ru

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