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TRANSLATUS.RU Russian translators offer the service of professional  interpreting from English into Russian and English into Russian: running and simultaneous (lectures, negotiations, discussions, loud and 'wispering'), interpretation at sight, guiding excursions, all-day escort (in the Urals region of Russia, particularly, in Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg and vicinity).

TRANSLATUS.RU Russian translators' specialization is Science and Technology, Business, Finance, Trade, Culture, Arts, Humanities, etc.

Prices for interpretation: ordinary, negotiations, lectures, excursions, simultaneous translation - $20-50/hour; all day escort - $50-100/day.


  • For simultaneous translation, interpreting of specialized lectures or negotiations it would be advisable to familiarize the interpreter with the summary of theses to be presented (a day or at least 3 hours before the interpreting date).  


To place an order please send an e-mail at  info@translatus.ru 

Terms of payment 

You may pay by credit card, WebMoney or bank transfer.

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