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Welcome to the home page for Translatus.ru site. Our agency is staffed with experienced Russian translators and interpreters. We are Russian-born and live in Russia, have an excellent command of English and wide practical experience in translation and interpreting. Some of us are MA's and PhDs, academics at Chelyabinsk State University, specialising in a variety of scientific fields. We hope that our knowledge of science, humanities, business, finance, polytechnical, etc. concepts and terminology will ensure top quality translations (Russian, European languages).

Our special domains are

  • Technical and scientific translations: translation of literature in various fields, including automobile, aircraft industries, gas, oil, biology and biochemistry, geology, physics, medicine, transport, construction, equipment, etc.
  • Academic translations and interpreting at scientific conferences, symposiums, negotiations, etc.

Other domains include translation of financial, legal and business documents (accounts, balance-sheets, contracts, constitutive documents, etc.); notarization, apostile. Translation of presentations, advertising texts and slogans; web-sites; audio/video/CDs/DVDs; promos, infomercials, on-line translations.

We also provide concomitant services: editing, page make-up, scanning. We guarantee privacy and reasonable prices. Payment may be effected through the rupay.ru system.

Telephones: +7(3517)908719, +7-922-696-11-20

Email: info@translatus.ru