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Below we list links to well-established translation agencies and freelance translators -our partners or personal acquaintances - dealing with other languages than Russian. We contacted these agencies and individuals and exchanged reciprocal links with them.

asiana.com A group of Chinese and other Asian language translators in technical and business fields.

Certified Dutch Translators Certified Dutch translators at BBDutch can translate agreements, affidavits, court  settlements, court orders, real estate conveyance deeds, lease documents, powers of attorney, warrants and many other documents.

Edge Translation  Translations into and from over 80 different languages,
covering everything from IT to legal.

English to Vietnamese translation: Vietnamese translation service by professional English to Vietnamese translators

German translations service Language translation agency- Website translation & localization by native speaker translators in different languages at cheaper rates.

Japanese Interpreter Goihata translation and interpretation services specialized in Spanish English Japanese translation; offers include Japanese Interpreter, Spanish-Japanese translator, Spanish Interpretation, Professional Technical Translator etc. and advising in themes related to Japan.

Professional Russian Translation BB Russian offers professional Russian translation for businesses planning to target the Russian-speaking consumer.

Timasearch Farsi Translation Services - Farsi Translation & search services, translating and interpreting from Farsi into English, and From Farsi into French. Persian Translators list, Farsi Search Services, Farsi certified translators

Translation service Translation company based in London England serving businesses throughout the world

TranslatorsCafe.com where linguists and their clients meet. Translation agencies and freelance translators database.

US Translation Company - Expert translators, interpreters and linguists in 100+ languages.  

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